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  • When taking on an employee you would typically get 1750hrs a year from that individual, with TDS you could use that time when you needed it and still only pay a fixed monthly amount *.

  • When bidding on larger projects we can give you the flexibility to know you have the necessary resource without over stretching your internal capacity. We are not a one-man band and will always resource appropriately for you project needs.

  • We utilise our own machines and latest Autodesk software so never rely on yourselves having spare machines or licenses saving you time and money.

  • We can either work from your office or remotely, depending on what will best suit your requirements.

  • We are fully airport CAD compliant and follow the strict CAD standards required so you will always have the reassurance that your work will be signed off in an efficient time frame.

  • We offer a pre-agreed invoicing period to allow you to get your fees paid by the clients before having to pay us.

  • We constantly monitor the market rate to make sure we are always competitive and can provide you with the best value for money.

* This is based on a 12-month agreement with equal monthly invoicing.

Why work with TDS ?

To discuss your requirements with one of the partners, please contact us

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